Phi Industrial – Business Model


  • PHI Industrial operates with an innovative and entrepreneurial business model based on the acquisition and growth of manufacturing and services companies.
  • Our success lies in the careful selection of acquisitions, and the subsequent collaborative management and growth of these companies.
  • PHI has a highly experienced M&A team who carry out complex transactions quickly and offers transaction security for both parties.
  • PHI’s highly experienced operational team gets actively involved in helping its subsidiaries grow by helping managers identify and implement improvements in processes and performance.
  • Our goal is to become a trusted partner of those wishing to sell their businesses and those who lead and operate them.


  • High level of transaction security through its transparency, professional approach and experience in acquiring companies.
  • Long term commitment to the acquired company and its employees.
  • Financial capacity.
  • Flexibility and speed in all areas of the transaction.
  • Local presence.
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